Scheduled Classes - July 2019

Gratiot County Substance Abuse Coalition Meeting

There will be no July meeting, see you in August!
1:00 p.m.
MidMichigan Medical Center Gratiot - Wilcox Auditorium
Please call Emily at (989) 463-1422 with any questions. 

Foster/Adoptive/Relative Care Support Group

Who: Non-biological caregivers (foster, adoptive, kinship, etc.) and their children. 

Where: East Superior Christian Church (605 E. Superior St., Alma, MI 48801)

When: Tuesday, July 9th 6:00-8:00 p.m. (the second Tuesday of every month)

Why: Because parenting is one of the most difficult jobs, and having support from others is crucial. Did we mention free childcare and snacks? 

Please RSVP to Morgan at or by calling (989) 463-1422.


7 Ways to Learn and Play on Rainy Days

A rainy or frigid day can put a big damper on your homeschooling plans. Rather than going outside and using the natural world as a framework for learning, moving, and doing, your kids are stuck sedentary inside. Or are they? While it's true that dreary weather can disrupt your plans, it doesn't need to turn a fun day of education into a dull one. When going outside isn't an option, find inspiration in one of these educational activities.

1. Learn All About the Weather

Take advantage of the weather outside to plan a lesson around clouds and precipitation. You can teach kids how clouds are formed (and even make your own cloud in a bottle using online tutorials), discuss the different types of clouds and their relation to the weather, and demonstrate how rain and snow affect watersheds.

2. Hold an Impromptu Storytelling Session

As a parent, I'm always amazed by children's imaginations. An impromptu storytelling session is a wonderful way to nurture your kids' creative sides and teach narrative arc (and burn some energy giggling!). Gather a handful of kids and ask them to work together to create a story. Each child will add a sentence each, going in a circle until the story is complete. It's helpful to have prompts handy in case the kids are shy getting started or need help inventing lines.

3. Practice Math in the Kitchen

Letting kids help in the kitchen isn't the most efficient way to prepare a meal, but it is an excellent learning opportunity. Measuring ingredients teaches students about fractions, setting the table is an exercise in addition, and cooking baked goods is a delicious science lesson. The kitchen does contain plenty of hot and sharp things, however, so childproof and recruit an extra chaperone before starting this activity.

4. Discover Science with a Hands-On Experiment

Seeing kids get excited about learning is one of the most rewarding aspects of homeschooling and unschooling, and nothing gets kids more enthusiastic than getting their hands dirty with science experiments. For example, this edible glass experiment from Earth Science Jr. is one of my favorites. And here’s the best part: It uses supplies you already have around the house, so it's perfect when bad weather hits unexpectedly.

5. Get Moving with the Human Body

An interactive anatomy lesson is an opportunity to shake out restless energy. Preschoolers will love bopping along to songs about the human body or playing body-themed games. For older kids, try using yoga or stretching as a framework for discussing bones, muscles, and how they work together to create a strong body.

6. Settle in with a Good Book

Sometimes, a dreary day calls for calm and quiet. Start your rainy day with reading or schedule it after playtime when the kids are relaxed. Whether children choose their own books or you handpick a selection of weather-themed children's books, it's hard to beat a good story when you're stuck indoors on a rainy afternoon. Or, better yet, settle onto the couch, put together some healthy snacks (now’s a great time to get a top-notch popper for your microwave and some healthy popcorn and toppings), and read a book together!

7. Go Outside and Play in the Rain!

Most adults prefer to stay dry and out of the rain, but that doesn't mean the kids don't want to play! As long as it's safe, get children dressed for the weather and let them explore the world outside. If it's snowy, challenge them to build a fort or a snowman or classify the different types of snowflakes they see. If it's raining, track rainfall with a rain gauge, learn about earthworms, or try one of Mother Natured's activity ideas.
Bad weather can be a great educational opportunity. So, the next time a storm interrupts your plans, don't think of it as a negative thing. Instead, look for the many opportunities to incorporate fun and learning into your rainy day.
Image via Unsplash
Article written and submitted by:
Jenny Wise

CASA & Coffee

Join CASA of Gratiot County for coffee and you will learn about what a CASA is, why we need volunteers, details about the training process, and how to apply! Have your questions answered!

These will be happening monthly on the third Tuesday!


Lending Library


Child Advocacy’s Lending Library is a FREE educational resource!  It is designed for parents and caregivers with children birth to 5 years to encourage and enhance the learning experience at home, school, or child care. 

Items include:

NEW: Four themed sensory bags for children ages birth - 2 years.

Theme Totes: Themed Rubbermaid containers containing books, puzzles, hands on activities, and toys

Story Stretchers: Totes include a book, along with a toy(s) and/or CD to enhance the learning of the storybook.

Items are available to be checked out for a 2 week period FREE of charge.

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